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Courage to Be Your Authentic Self
Personal Development Workshop with Horses
With Danielle Leduc – from Québec Canada
June 2-3, 2018

Personal development in collaboration with horses is an exceptional cutting-edge technique aimed at developing human potential. It allows for a reconnection with our body, our emotions and, of course, our heart. The interaction with horses helps people experience an authentic relationship. Throughout their interactions, horses reflect our internal being. They become a mirror and make possible conscious acknowledgments bringing positive change in our life. It is up to us to let go, to abandon this notion of control. They remind us how much it is important to listen to our hearts and our internal voice.
During this workshop, you will experience magical moments which will enable you to see your beauty hidden inside by opening your heart to the wisdom of horses. It is the difficulties to be ourselves which prevent us to go ahead and accept who we are. You will enjoy a unique experience and will leave transformed.
No experience with horses required
Cost: 198£/person include 2 days
Registration/ Information: Danielle Leduc – –
Accommodation on site: reservation before may 4 2018
Linda Kohanov and I at Horse Spirit Connection annual FEEL Alumni conference


Heart Connection


danielle leduc


As long as she can remember, horses have always fascinated her. Being with horses was her way to overcome her life’s ups and downs and they were her source of motivation. What she didn’t know is that these challenges moved her slowly towards her dream.
As a trainer Danielle was confronted with her own experience with horses, she was not getting the relationship and results she wanted. Traditional methods were never her path. The same question kept coming back: “there must be another way to connect with these magnificent animals and learn to be as one with them”. Danielle took and tried many avenues before discovering the FEEL Program (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning). With this program, she could put together her passion for horses, human behavior and facilitation. This experience transformed her: her approach, vision and, communication with her lifelong authentic friends.
Danielle is a certified equine instructor with the provincial organization” Cheval Québec”. She is pursuing and perfecting her riding and teaching with a dressage coach who shares her vision. She studied Dog and Horse Behavior at the University of Guelph with the supervision of Dr. Don McKeown (the founder of P.A.B.A.). As an approved consultant, she has helped people solve their dog and horse behavior problems for over 20 years.
Her goal is to create workshops which help people of all ages enlighten their spirit by the “way of the horse” and share her passion.
Danielle lives in beautiful farmlands country near Montreal with her 6 horses who live outside 24/7